my favourite learning webs


Best option for Computer Science and related fields: the best for Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, Programming, Data Science. A lot of free courses and also paid Nanodegrees. You’ll be driven by first class expersts (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Nvidia, Stanford…).


Also an amazing option for learning. You can find a lot of good courses in different fields. Most of them by remarkable schools like and teachers from Stanford, John Hopkins or Georgia Tech. Also courses directly managed by companies like Google, IBM, Linux, etc.  


Similar to Coursera. This is a platform created by the MIT. Here also you’ll find courses from stunning Universities like Harvard, Berkeley and, of course, the MIT. Also from companies like Microsoft.

Khan Academy

non-profit educational organization created in 2008 with the goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students. The organization produces short lessons in the form of videos. Its website also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators